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>> [ singing yes we can. we can build ♪ a beautiful city ♪ . >> 4 teenagers singing tonight in newtown, connecticut. trying to bring solace to community dealing with overwhelming grief as memorial grows for the victims of friday massacre. good evening. we are going to begin tonight with latest headlines prosecute newtown. funeral services held today for 2 victim of the
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shooting on friday. noah posner and jack pinto both just 6 years old. police are promising a pain-staking investigation into just what happened friday. it could take months and sandy hook school may never reopen. president obama and key senators begin a serious push to reduce gun violence across the country. as you well know an outpouring of support for the people in newtown. this morning a los angeles man bought coffee for folks going that the town general store. laura anthony is in newtown, connecticut tonight and begins our coverage. >> glimmer of good news in all the bad that came out of sandy hook these past three days. 2 survivors not one after the rampage of the school friday morning. they were 2 women both shot in the lower extremity both treated and release from local hospitals. men time satellite police say they will continue their exhaustive investigation of the 2 crime scenes. trace the origin of the guns adam lanza used to kill so many. even
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though he and the others are gone. >> we are going to do everything that it takes to ensure that we uncover every bit of evidence we examine every facet of it and conduct as many interview with everyone we need to do to paint a clear picture. >>reporter: at the same time process of burying all those who died has begun. services for first grader jack pinto held at local funeral home in newtown. attended by parents and their kids. some of them the 6-year-old best friends. they remembered his love of sports. >> he lakes to be playing. >> newtown is forever changed. we came today as teammate because that's who we are. we are here for the pintos. >>reporter: while the mourn earth's filled out of the church across the street a gesture of goodwill from someone 3000 miles away. a
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credit card number was phoned in offering to pay for everyone's coffee all day somebody from los angeles. >> she wanted to offer coffee that's how she can do it. >>reporter: something that simple helping the people of this town pick up and try to move on. >> gesture around the country making us feel. >>reporter: while this community just begins the healing process people have come all over the country. all over the world to the center of the town to show their support n.snook 7 news. >> another note about what happened today. no aunt lives from seattle and couldn't make it to the funeral today but wrote a letter she wanted buried with him. how to get it there in time. friend wrote to several airlines asking for help. guess what? jet blue wrote back in 10 minutes. they got the letters on red eye in time for the service today. >> new survey snows growing support for gun control in the
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wake of the connecticut school tragedy. according to new abc news "washington post"pole 54 percent support stricter gun control in general. 71 percent oppose the out right ban on hand guns. but 52 percent favor banning semi-automatic hand guns. 59 percent favor banning ammunition clip that hold more than 10 bullet. now in the bay area gun control advocate point to the number and question why congress hasn't done more. mark with the debate. >>reporter: protestors demonstrated outside the nra headquarters in washington, d.c. this morning. long tame 51 rights congressman of weather virginia told msnbc said it's time to do something. >> i don't know anybody that needs 30 rounds to good huntin hunting. >>reporter: senator feinstein will rae introduce an assault weapon ban that expired in 199
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1994. >> the dark time of my life back in 1993 when my wife was killed at 101 california stree street. >>reporter: steven became a gun control activist and testified before congress stood with senator feinstein as president clinton signed the law. he watched 10 years later as congress let that law expir expire. >> senator frist at the time senate majority leader was bold enough to say that it was the will of the people to let it expire and boy i sure wish congress would call senator frist in front of them now. >>reporter: firearms instructor jackson says it's not the guns or high capacity clip. he blames violence in the mass media aimed the children violent video games. >>ok advocate violence and pushing it and the kid are being systematically desensitized. >>reporter: he blames the use of anti-depressant drug. fda warns that some of those drug can have increased thoughts of suicide. >> we have a whole generation
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of measure customerer being raised because of video games and mind-altering drug. >>reporter: our call to video game industry went unanswered today. at the center to prevent gun violence in san francisco the executive director says vailt video games do carry a troubling message. >> bloodshed and violence is entertaining. that's certainly not something we want to promote. >>reporter: banning assault weapons and requiring background checks and banning large number assault clip is a solution. >> we need a bill that requires a background check on every transfer and sale of a firearm. >>reporter: survey showed universal background check are popular even with members of the nr a.survey says 74 percent of nra members think it's a good idea. came across another interesting survey showing that gun ownership has been dropping in the united states. dropping for more than a decade sales have been increasing which means fewer people buying mr. guns. in the newsroom, 7 news.
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>> while we are talking about guns the police chief of oakland and san francisco are calling a weekend gun buy-back program small victory in the face of the connecticut rampag rampage. the buy-back took 600 guns off the street. 300 in oakland. 300 in san francisco. oakland mayor kwan says she's hoping to hold another gun buy-back soon because so many people showed up saturday they ran out of moneyment couldn't buy any more guns gentleman well it is rainy and cold once again as you know. expect could to keep umbrella coats by the front door. here's sandhya with a quick look at tonight's temperatures on live doppler 7 hd. >> temperatures are falling you can see why as you look at live doppler 7 hd. skies clear out face toly and the temperatures are really starting to come down. look how they dropped. 43 degrees right now in santa rosa. it is currently 45 napa fairfield. pretty much see a significant as to where it is going to get cold. bay side community temperatures in the
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low to mid 50's. in a few minutes i show you just how cold it gets by morning and when that rain will return. one thing for sure we have frost coming in the forecast i'll be back with the details coming up. >> thanks. deal on the so-called fiscal cliff appears to be coming together. the president delivered a new offer and agreed to curtail increases to social security and higher tax rate beginning at incomes over 400,000. new offer closes the gap between 2 men considerably far enough that many think they can see the agreement taking shape now before the deadline at the first of the year. >> 2 teenagers safe tonight. they were rescued from what police call a human trafficker in sonoma. police today arrested this man jeremy mick from here, alabama. 2 teenager girls found with him in a motel in rohnert park. police responded after someone reportedn assault at the motel. police say that mick
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has been bringing girls across the country to act as prostitutes perhaps for years. mean time police are asking for the public help in solving a murder in san francisco bay view district saturday night. victim was a 17-year-old football player from concord high school. young man people described as nasty guy and promising young athlete. story tonight from 7 news reporter heather. >> 17-year-old senior blakely played offense and defense for the concord high minute men. san francisco police say he was shot and killed in the city bay view district around 10 saturday night. the school held a moment of violence for him this morning. many students who heard yesterday by association a media came to school today wearing black. >> it was shocking. guy very tragic. i didn't know him personally but i heard avenues very great guy. i didn't i didn't know what to think. just so sad. >>reporter: joe hernandez kids are still in middle school but he's a concord high graduate
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and big football supporter. he can't immanuel what blakely was doing in the bay view. >> everybody that has commented about him has had nothing but he's very humble individual. very quiet. good guy. nice person. everything like that. this just doesn't seem to be part of that fabric. >> twitter and facebook people posting his football picture. he was a really good person what i hear. >>reporter: parents are weary of what seems unrelenting violence targeting young people. >> just no value put on life. there just isn't. to me it seems that every day you read about something or you hear about something where taking some one life seems to be the most immediate simplest way to address a problem. >>reporter: students here tell that you say there ace vigil planned for blakely this friday evening on the football field. we asked the school district and the school for comment they
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declined n.concord, abc 7 news. more to bring enthusiastic busy monday. man tries to do the right thing but good samaritan ends up needing some help of his own. that story next. >> story only on 7 news. hollywood who done it. san francisco police and our own vick lee have been trying for weeks now to find out who stole an unreleased movie. >> a lot of rain today in lake tahoe. what about the slopes? operators say this could be one of the best ski seasons in a decade. and stanford graduate have come up within convention that is changing lives. product redesign that is getting major redesign that is getting major attention tonightf @
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>> meters a wild caper. yet to be released feature fill from him paramount studio stolen from a car in san francisco and so far police have been unsuccessful in locating it. vick lee tonight with the story that you will see only on abc 7 news. >>reporter: there are more than 1,000 items mostly taken from car break-ins. cell phones. lap tops. digital cameras. expensive designer goods. you name it, it's here. most of the items were stolen at fisherman wharf at the embarcadero but police didn't find one very important piece
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of stolen property they were looking for. >> lacking for some electronic did he advice that is were taken in an auto burglary a week later many from the event that originally caused all this to go in motion. >>reporter: lieutenant santos didn't tell us exactly what it is. but source with knowledge of the investigation tells abc 7 news that it is an external hard drive of a yet to be released movie from paramount studios. it was stolen in mid november about a we can after security camera at the pier 39 garage captured images of the suspect breaking into a car and their get away carlin plate. that led to their arrest in late november. discovery of the huge hall of stolen goods. police hope the film would be here. our source tells us the copy of the movie was stolen in pier 39 garage from rental car leased by someone from southern california. who was up here working on the movie sound
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track. the man filed a report at the police sub station at san francisco international airport before his flight home. police paramount security team have been working non-stop visiting flee markets and known fencing area around the bay area. trying to find the hard drive. one major concern is the possibility that the thieves may cope the movie. >> pirating is very common now people go on and createal cd or dvd i should say and sell it on the street. >>reporter: former san francisco police captain dan lawson now chief of the university of san francisco police department says the that he was probably sold to it a fence not knowing what was on the hard drive. >> person who purchase it probably is wiped clean get rid of any other evidence or could have been done prior and that's my sense of whether happened. >>reporter: source tells us chances are the fence probably sold the hard drive for the going street price of around 30
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to 40 dollars. now this is not the first time unreleased movie has been stolen in san francisco. similar theft happened years ago with movie transformers. police source tells us someone stole a copy of that movie from a car m the mission district. but police with the help of their confidential informants manageed to get that film back to the studio. abc 7 news. >> also in san francisco. man was robbed after trying to be a good is a mayor tachbility he thought he was helping a woman with her broken down car. instead she and 3 others robbed him at gun point. happened before 1:00 a.m. at the intersection of geary and masonic in the city laurel heights neighborhood. and they all got away. man we are glad to tell you was at the very least not hurt. >> last year this time no snow meant people were playing golf and not skiing in lake tahoe. what a difference a year makes. here's george. >>reporter: week before christmas. out of state
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holiday visitors are already showing up at lake tahoe. >> we just came down to see whoever pl this area. >>reporter: what do you think about california skiing. >> i love it. this is my fourth or fifth time here e-although monday brought a mix of snow and rain at lake level, look what was going on just 1,000 feet higher on the nevada side of heavenly ski resort. >> this christmas we definitely have more natural snow and we have been able to open more terrain leading into the holiday. >>reporter: the visitor authority anticipating 10 to 15 percent increase and people coming to the lake this holiday season. in part because the snow is so much better than it was at this time last year the. >> memory of last christmas were not white necessarily. so this was really great to have snow before thanksgiving. it wasn't as beautiful as it is now. as a matter of fact i
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kind of like staying out here this year this. >>reporter: snow fall appears to be just the beginning. >> pretty much more and more snow. it's really not going to stop. 2 more big storms coming. gearing up for really good christmas. >>reporter: at lake tahoe, george warren abc 7 news. >> those are some happy skiers and boarders and resort owners because looks much bent it has been in the last year. sandy is in for spencer. >> here we two. getting more snow winter weather advisory in effect for the tahoe area until tomorrow morning at 10:00 a.m. and i'm sure next couple of storms will bring in some more snow. 90 percent of normal state wide. doing better. >> really. >> live picture right now and what it looks like here in the bay area. from our high definition east bay hills camera. beautiful view of the bay back towards san francisco. you see the moon there. skies clear and temperatures falling at least clearing out in many
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areas. let me show you live topler 7 hd rate now and what it looks like. few clouds we have ring ering gone by morning so temperatures will continue to come down. we don't have any written rate now but that is going to be changing. in the last 24 hours here's how much we picked up. 22 hundredths in san francisco and under half inch. same thing for santa rosa. you head out to livermore it was $700 of an fch of rain. over inch by wait in the santa cruz mountains. slight chance of tomorrow very flight get anything and freeding cold conditions coming your way with patchy frost by wednesday. show you the satellite and aid regardless. this is the storm that made for soggy morning commute. long gone and now we have colder air coming in behind it. the colder air associated with this upper level low is what is going to bring in a slight chance of a few light showers as we head into your tuesday. beyond tuesday active pattern thursday through sunday as couple storm systems are lined
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newspaper the pacific. show you computer animation. show you exactly what is going to happen. tonight 11:00 p.m. couple of clouds patch or 2 of fog. we head into 5:00 a.m. showers are just skirting the coast. this is the later computer model that upper level low stays parallel to the coast and so may bring in a shower or 2. doesn't look very likely but keep umbrella handy. may see mix of rain snow just north of ukiah. snow level dropping to 3000 feet and another cold storm come in but this doesn't look like a big rain maker. so tomorrow morning chilly. mid 30's. santa rosa napa coming down to 37 in vallejo. concorde dropping to 38 degree degrees. morgan hill 38. 42 degrees in san jose right around the bay not quite as cold. 45 in san francisco but r valley with the clear sky that is will really get cold by morning. cool for the afternoon. partly cloudy. slit risk of shower or 2.
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temperatures mid upper 40's in the north. most other areas in the low mid 50's for your tuesday and around the bay temperatures if the low mid 50's. we'll keep it on the partly cloudy side. accu-weather 7 day forecast. after that slight risk of shower or 2 get ready for the freeze wednesday morning it's going to be frosty cold. computer model are right we drop the temperatures down to the upper 20's coldest inland valley. high in the low mid 50's. dry for your wed. rape coming in with system on thursday. slow mover by thursday evening into friday everyone getting wet. it's windy then period of rain really for your weekend with dry conditions for christmas eve and you know i'm always looking ahead. christmas day. looking dry right now. so holiday plans looking great at this point. >> i'm getting a new scooter for christmas. the weather will be nice. >> thanks very much. >> still to come tonight two san francisco police officers recognize for helping save a
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new born. you will hear them describe how they sprung into action. 2 big honor awarded to local figure skater today. local figure skater today. stay with us
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>> well fire officials put out the list of holiday do and don't today and topping that list is this. tonight forget to water your christmas tree today. they lit a dry tree to show how quickly it burst in flames. pine went up in 90 seconds. it was left to nothing but ashes. menlo park officials held their own show and tell. to drape turned this tiny room into an absolute inferno in just minutes as you can see. about 400 people die each year in the united states. because of holiday related fires. advice we hear every year but always bears repeating because the
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danger is very real at homes this time of year. >> 2 san francisco police officers recalled a very emotional call from last week that brought them to tears literally. police chief greg sur hailed officer matt cloud and steve gris as hero for last wed. they found a baby born just minutes earlier. the newborn covered in blood and not breathing. ambulance was 10 mp away so they decided to drive the baby to the hospital themselves. and while officer cloud drove, the other frantically gave the newborn cpr in the front passenger sea seat. >> i was driving out of my periphery i saw him doing the cpr and crying. talking to the baby. just telling the baby to come back and breathe. so yes that's something i'll never forget. >>reporter: baby nash is doing better at san francisco general hospital. glad to say. his mother will be arraigned tomorrow on several charges including willful cruelty. >> san jose figure skating star
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has been named to the u.s. figure skating hall of fame. the 3 time u.s. champion won u.s. pairs title with chrisy back in 1989 and 1990. in 96 he won the u.s. single title in front of hometown crowd at the hp pavilion. fantastic performance. he retired after earning a bronze medal at the 1996 world championship. 43-year-old man now coaches skating in san jose. congratulations to rudy. >> well still to come here. stanford researchers take technology back to the basics. coming up. in0vaivt tool helping millions of people feel their future. i'll explain. >> plus look what happens when determined little girl takes on determined little girl takes on a giant toy >> also any. woman anguish plea strike as nerve. tonight the tragedy in connecticut one mother perspective on the sz.stion of mental
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>> school security is on the minds of many in the wake of the school shooting at sandy hook elementary elementary. in millbrae security measures updated regularly. lock to each classroom changed just a year ago. >> shooting has prompted one california lawmakers to reintroduce a plan to ensure schools meet state safety standards. after columbine lawmakers allocated 90 million dollars a year for security improvement. however because of budget cut many districts spending the money elsewhere. state senator of attorneys plans to reintroduce the fwhail would withhold some funding to schools that don't have a security plan in place. >> as we talk about this terrible tragedy in connecticut
9:34 pm
by many accounts adam lanza was was meantal ill and tonight some parents speak out about their own children. worried about what could happen next if they don't get help. john donovan has the stories. >> there are homes that know nothing of reality of raise ago troubled child and then there are those that do miss long put her home in the second group in a blog posting this weekend called i ahmad am lanza's mother. that rocketed around the world. i love my son she wrote. but he terrifies me. >> my biggest fear is some day he will fly into a rage and hurt me. or hurt himself. >>reporter: he is mentally ill she writes and has threat end her at times. even pulled a knife on her. she called this a cry for help. one that was medley echo in remarkable way by pants across the country both on line and talking with abc news. >> i'm afraid for my daughter. fearful for my daughter. i'm fearful for what will happen to her or to anybody that is
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around her if she snaps in a public place. would this be her that i'm getting a phone call about. >>reporter: it was connecticut that triggered this. yet these parents fear conflict with virtually all expert opinion about the mentally hill. statistically they are not dangerous to the community at large. nor to perpetrator of large scale killing exhibit the kind of frequent explosive behavior the parents are worried about. one of the mother of the columbine killer told the author far from the tree. >> had no sthaens dillon was capable of doing figure like what he did. she was shocked when it happened. >>reporter: yet long did touch on something. she was. >> speaking on behalf of literally thousands office families. thousands. of families that find the system to be extremely fragmented. >>reporter: which is not much different from how the mentally ill used to be segregated and now shut down state
9:36 pm
institution. there are better solution like child psychiatric wards in hospitals. day program where is kids can get counciling in big doses but those are in short supply in many states. wyoming for example has 6 child sciingts for its half million populatio population. today a call for action. summit on childhood mental health by the american alaska of adolescent and child psychiatry. >> yes there's a lot that we do know. it's just that we don't comprehensively apply what is that we do know. >>reporter: because of the money. >> i believe so, yes. >>reporter: money shrinking while behind some of those front doors the fears only get bigger. abc news washington. >> federal judge today sentenced man who hacked in the personal on line account of scarlet johansson, and other women to continue years good in prison. christopher cheney stole nude photo and posted them on the internet.
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>> look at this you are looking at one and a half tons of cocaine. police seized tonight a truck headed for ship in columbia. authorities say the drug were his destined for the united states by honduras. cocaine has street value of 5 million dollars. hawaii senator camp has died after long illness. he was the longest serving senator. medal of honor winner world war ii and first japanese erican to serve in congress. the senator was 88 years old. his last word aloha. south ka liar mean time first black senator since reconstruction. republican congressman scott will become the seventh african american to serve in the united states senate. governor hailey named scott today to succeed. republican senator mint resig resigning next month to become president of the heritage foundation conservative think tank. >> major toy company is changing the way it markets one
9:38 pm
of the most popular product to be more gender inclusive. hasbro easy bake oven is a favorite of american girls for generations. until now marketed only in pink and purple. but after 13-year-old girl from new jersey started a petition hasbro agreed to make the oven in more neutral colors and include boys on the packagesing. she started the campaign because her 4-year-old brother wants to be achieve. than theed in one of those ove ovens. >> well for someone who is blind printed label on everything from cereal boxs to medication bolts might as well be blank. but group of recent stanford graduate is changing that and jonathan bloom explains that a business breakthrough is helping change the lives of blind people. >> this is barometer. >>reporter: bill has been blind his whole life. but it didn't stop him from becoming an engineer. >> micrometer that i copied and improved.
9:39 pm
>>reporter: designing tools made especially for blind people. >> it has, it has a whistle that changes pitch. >>reporter: from carpenter level to soldering iron he adapted almost every common tool except one. >> blind people don't have a pencil. or didn't until this sixth.machine. this is the 6.labeller and spits out a label like this. if. >>reporter: designed by group of recent stanford graduate, the 6.labeller pripts out sticky label in braille. system of raised.that used to require a huge typewriter like device or strenuous manual writing lake this. >> it takes 4 pounds to make each. >>reporter: gary says it tack more than three-months to label all of the little drawers in this workshop with the labeller he says it would take three days. advancement so big that
9:40 pm
now the inventor of the did he advice hit the jackpot. >> we have been starving ourselves sort in the red every month. >>reporter: not any more. the grads just announce the company is buying the start up and bringing them on as senior staff member. the company mak makes a did he advice for autistic kid and plans to start mass producing this labeller in the next few most. >> good fit for both parties. >>reporter: in part the interest came because 6.isn't just for blind people. if i 1 can make labels in braille by pluging in a keyboard. >> even if you don't know braille never heard of braille, if you know a blind person or work with a blind person you can print the label for them. >>reporter: as for bill he already labeled everything right down to his micro wave oven. >> pop for popcorn. >>reporter: he's not stopping any time soon. >> i'm likely to label that camera before you get out of here. >>reporter: abc 7 news. for whom the bell toll.
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for whom the bell toll. bay areator giwell, well, well.
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>> town in northeast belgium has a christmas tree like no other. with a difference this is not like something you have ever seen before. 3000 people donated the cups and plates to make this tree. they thought would it promote the spirit of solidarity. >> while we reflect open the horror in connecticut and renew the gun days beta bay area artist has created provocative sculpture made out of weapon melted down. don sanchez says they ring for peace.
9:45 pm
>>reporter: bell tolling for the victim or is the art a call for change? >> we have to live with one another and find a way to tolerate each other. huge concern for humanity and the planet. >>reporter: work received international aclaim and gained attention on the world stage in rome in 2000. that's mikhail ringing the peace bell at international conference. look closely the bell shaped like projectile are made from guns. rifles. weapon that have been melted down. cast in bron. it's provocative. statement of how they affect the fabric of our society. >> the abundance of weapons that country have in. this particular case you left the barrel sticking out. >> i have cast the barrel into it. these are gun barrels i put that the piece. >>reporter: he creates the pieces working first in clay. eventually wax before the bronze is poured. sculpting he
9:46 pm
found is an inspiration for creativity. >> i found that casting gave me a lot more freedom to to exaggerate the forms and create long extended lens without worrying about breakage. >>reporter: he creates forms of environmental art. his interpretation of claim at change. >> these are branch from his trees i took the actual branches and burned them out. then we welded them back on to the piece. >>reporter: walking figure is the next piece surround by leaves an other parts of nature. bites climate change. actual figure seven feet tall and they will be in gallery and museum. but may take time owes on deadline to create work for collector in europe and san francisco. in berkeley, abc 7 news. >> remarkable work. >> worried about finishing christmas shopping this holiday season? procrastinators are dominating
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smoo rain cold returns. sandhya is here with the forecast. >> yes but we get a break right now as we look at live topler 7 hd. chill in the air as we look at the accu-weather 7 day forecastth slight chance of showers tomorrow. it is going to be a chilly start frosty morning for wed. temperatures dropping to the upper 20's coldest inland valley then rain coming in for thursday. mr. wet weather heading into friday with weekend another system coming through here and that will bring us more rain. christmas eve and i know christmas day not on there but it's always wanting to look ahead to the holiday. looking dry for those two days as i look at the extended xawter modelment don't panic when you lack at the 7 day forecast thursday through sunday. we will have periods of rain and some break ins between so the
9:51 pm
worst of it will probably be in the form of urban small stream. >> major. >> not major rain event. as a matter of fact 4 day total 3 and a half to 4 and a half inches of rain. we have seen more than that in 1 to 2 day in the previous system. >> thanks very much gentleman tomorrow we are did you know to 7 shopping days until christmas and new survey found that the shoppers are still on the hunt for the gifts. survey by visa found 73 percent have not finished the christmas shoppin shopping. escape percent haven't even started yet. researchers say it's a problem because last minute shoppers often go that panic mode and then they end up spending way too much for those last second gifts. survey says last minute shoppers will spend an afternoon of 30 4 in the days leading up to christmas. that's what i'm hoping. i'm counting on larry panic shopping because then he spends way too much money. >> i have not finished shopping for you two yet. there's a reason for that snur not going
9:52 pm
to start. >> because i haven't started shopping for you 50. >> pro contracts ty 98 toyvrment i will. the after christmas sale is when you get the bargain. >> new year's gift. >> fully appreciate jim harbaugh has done with the 4 49ers. all you have to do is watch the jets. turning watch the jets. turning ineptitude
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>> coming up tonight at 11:00. remembering the victims of the sandy hook shooting. laura anthony reports live from connecticut tonight on today's outpouring of emotion. so powerful. >> even in the wake of the tragedy find out why gun sales are on the rise here in the bay area. those stories and more coming up on abc 7 news at 1 11:00 over on channel 7. larry is here talk football tonight. great game for the 49ers. >> the game last night off the chart in so many respect.
9:56 pm
niners win in new england.where do you want to start talking about the highlights of this game. how about the words collin out dual tom brady. okay. that's a good place to start, rye. who could have envisioned this collin in the fifth pro start in miserable conditions on the road. fifth start to a team that doesn't lose at home in december. throws 4 touch down postscript postscripts. then the niners faced with a little adversity because brady will bring the team back. come back from a 28 point definite situation. niners hold on to win. a win if seattle next sunday would clinch the nfc west. here's harbaugh today. >> for the two and a half quarters of football, whatever word you want to use but it was pretty darn good defensively for us. then the last 5 minutes of the game 2 stops, 2 fourth quarter stops very impressive by our defense. very proud of the charring of
9:57 pm
the team. we talk about that but to come back and get those 2 stops at the end makes you feel good. >>reporter: raiders feeling good actually. snapped 6 game losing streak posting first shut in and out a decade. 15 nothing. silver black defense really struggled against good teams. dominated bad chief squad 10 yards to 9 cares. only 119 yards of offense for kc. >> tough to shut anybody out in the league and for to us did this the first time it has been done in this organization in 10 years i think that was critical for our defense. it was good confidence builder and now we have to continue to build on that. >>reporter: monday night football jets titans sanchez trying to keep the play off chance alive. johnson and titans other plans. egg nog back in the sports department dan. aloha. 94 yards. if
9:58 pm
titan on top. jets committed 5 turn over. circus act none says fumble it around all over the place. game on the line in the final moments. let's look at it again. low snap. then gets kicked. oops. that's the jets offense everybody. officially out of the play off. titans win. san jose state new football coach. years ago he repoliceed jim harbaugh. from the south bay 45-year-old native of morgan hill, high school here and replaces mike who built the spartans into a bowl team in three years before moving on to colorado. >> to be a part of this program and i know there's been up and down over the years. last 25 years or so but maybe i can come in an bring some consistency and keep it just build off what coach mack did
9:59 pm
here and keep it at high level. >> i'm certainly looking forward to that opportunity and embrace the challenge. >> uc davis has new head football coach and the running back coach would take the helm ckets in new york.season. scair my returning to the garden. proving the knicks made a mistake not resigning him. pushing the ball to morris for the jam. then many license sanity is back. to james harden. 28 points. great insanity. palo alto native 8 assist as they snap the home win streak. giants have resigned leaveer to 3 year deal worth 15 million dollars he pitched in 73 games saving 25 for the world champ. new

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